Sambutan Kepala Sekolah

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4 Oct 2016

Sambutan Kepala Sekolah


Welcome to Banyumas State Senior High School (SMAN 1 Banyumas).  Established in 1974, SMAN 1 Banyumas is one of the oldest high schools in Banyumas Regency, Central Java. Located strategically near the city square and city centre of Banyumas with 3,9 hectare and more than 70% green open spaces, the school is very potential as a friendly environment-based school as well as an ideal place for learning centre. Recenty the school has been acknowledged and rewarded as National Adiwiyata School, National Green School and National Best Achievement of Healthy School. Morning briefing and cooling dews-like messages and positive constructive inspiring sharings are spread among members of the school community with the motto  yelled in chantings: SMA-Unggul; SMABA-Jaya; MENGABDI di SMABA-Ibadah-Ikhlas.

With more than 1044 students and 96 staffs, SMAN 1 Banyumas is one of the biggest schools in south western part of Central Java. To build the strong inter sectoral partnerships, the school has maintaned close relations and communications with all stake holders such as students’ parents, local as well as regional goverments and communities. To prepare the students to be part of global citizens and  International community, the school gives media for developing all aspects of life including the mastery and practices of foreign languages without forgetting the roots of local and national values, cultures and languages. To boost the students’ future successes and help them develop their life skills based on their potentials, talents and interests, the school provides complete media and facilities as well as  conducive learning atmospheres both in academic and non academic services as well as in intra-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

As the school is one of the public institutions aiming at delivering wide and open access of qualified high school educations for all citizens and community,  this website can be used as one of the bridges or media for public informations and communications. With school mission “Building the nation generations who have high and noble qualities in spiritual, intellectual, social, personal and professional competencies and environmental awareness”, we are hand in hand working  together, with the supports from all stake holders, to achieve what we have committed in the missions. And it is our hope, pride and happiness when our students are ready to take part in building the community, serving the country and contributing to our beloved nation, our motherland Indonesia. God Bless Banyumas State Senior High School. Thank you very much.


Banyumas, 07-01- 2017

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Mr. S A I D A N